Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peachy Keen!


A weekend away with the Hubs is exactly what I needed! Now I feel recharged and ready to take on more projects! Speaking of which, I got my big box o' Utah peaches over the weekend, so what did I do? I spent my whole Monday canning it all with my friend Jamie!

Now, this was Jamie's first time canning anything and I have never done peaches before, so it was a learning experience for both of us... I must say, it wasn't that bad! We made jam and peach pie filling and aside from being a little time consuming (we had screaming children running around and between our legs), it was actually pretty easy!

♫♪...millions of peaches...peaches for me... ♪♫

I used the recipe from the Sure Jell box for the jam, and for the pie filling I used this recipe here.

We started by washing the peaches.
Next, we blanched them in boiling water for about 60 seconds. This make peeling them SO much easier.
Then we dropped them in ice water to cool quickly.
The peels should slip right off if the fruit is ripe. If not, you can leave them in the boiling water a little longer.
We then prepared the peaches by cutting off the bad parts and slicing (for pie filling) or finely chopping (for jam).
While peeling and cutting the fruit, a little rat got into some of the peaches.
It's a good thing he's cute, 'cuz I don't think he felt bad...
Then followed recipe directions for cooking and canning.

Mmmm!!! Now what first?

Peach cobbler?
Or Jam on toast?
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a productive Monday too!

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  1. I have wanted to do this so bad. But I am a chicken! I love homemade jam and I do strawberry. But thanks for showing me that it isn't as hard as I think. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All!

  2. Hi Clarissa Emily,

    Peaches - I love peaches! Thank you for sharing this experience. The canned results look great. And seems your little 'helper' was enjoying himself as well (so cute). I found you on a blog hop list and will be following. Please stop by my site and say "hello" if you get the chance.


  3. It was a lot of fun - even with our kids running around. Can't wait to do the apples!


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